Soul Dark Raider Infernal Blade
Dark Raider
Infernal Blade
No one in Wulin can dodge this attack!
Taciturn, appears to be a loner but is actually warm-hearted and affectionate. Stays calm most of the time, and occasionally shows his aggressive, irritable, and thoughtless side.
Born 'Organization' the 12th year
The youngest Nether Envoy in the Organization, code-named Dark Wound.He is the second son of the Dark Castle of Mo
Double Slashes Double Slashes
Front Kick Front Kick
Dragon Blade Dragon Blade
Cyclone Cyclone
Rolling Cleave Rolling Cleave
Raining Slashes Raining Slashes
Leg Sweep Leg Sweep
Extinction Extinction
Double Slashes:Slashes twice in a row. The first slash launches the enemy into the air, and the second slash smashes the enemy to the ground
Front Kick:Silently approaches the target and kicks them, and quickly approaches the enemy from a distance and generates Sha-Chi.
Dragon Blade:Gains Super Armor and breaks the target's heart with a dragon-shaped Sha-Chi. The skill deals damage to enemies in a large area but is ineffective against armor.
Cyclone:Turns into a whirlwind, launches the target into the air and unleashes a series of attacks.
Rolling Cleave:A series of graceful airborne attacks like a whirlwind. Each attack heals the character, this lifesteal effect only works on humanoid enemies
Raining Slashes:Launches multiple attacks in the air
Leg Sweep:Approaches the enemy from a distance and attacks with a sweeping kick on the ground. This skill can quickly approach the enemy from a distance and generates Sha-Chi.
Soul was first introduced in the first game of the Phantom Blade franchise as the protagonist. In PBEX, he’s grown into the youngest Nether Envoy of the Organization, codename Sanguine. In fact, Soul was born the second son of the man who led the much-feared Mo Clan. In a sense, his life consists of one unfortunate event after another. Soul never admits defeat, and will fight his cruel destiny to the last moment. The Mo Clan was wiped out when Soul was still in infancy. His earliest memory involves his burning home and a faceless man who saved him from the fire. Soul was raised in Southside by a maiden, entirely oblivious to his origin. He made a best friend in a neighborhood, Zuo Shang’s the name. The two used to mess around, and later went to explore the big wide world when Soul’s foster mother passed away. It was quite an adventure. They stumbled into a nefarious mystery of the Wulin, and in the process Soul almost lost the Dark Heart, his most valued keepsake. Zuo Shang accidentally killed a renowned swordsman and was wanted by sects of the Wulin. While on the run, Soul and Zuo Shang found asylum in the Organization, which trained them into fearsome assassins, key contributors to the Organization’s rapid expansion. Soul was especially trusted by Mu Tianmiao, the founder and ruler of the Organization. Soul barely has any control over his own life. He’s particularly troubled by two recurring events. One is a dream, of the world being set on fire, and a man slowly turning toward him, but the face remains out of focus. The other is his uncontrollable episodes of Sha-Chi rampage. They come and go at random, and sometimes overwhelm his sanity. Soul secretly suspects he will eventually go mad and do terrible things. Years of outstanding service earned Soul great responsibilities. Year 30 O.E. (Organization Era), he was sent to investigate an enigmatic group known as the Mirage Tower. The operation was a massive success. Soul and Zuo Shang were both promoted to the inner circle of the Organization, as Nether Envoys. However, the duo grew apart. Despite the widening chasm, Soul still saw Zuo Shang as his friend of lifetime, and never for once forgot the ambition they shared – to be among the rulers of the Wulin.
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